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INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT – Preserve, Grow, Access

▪ Customized, tax-efficient portfolios are designed aligned with your unique investment plan to achieve your investment and legacy goals.

▪ Our goals-based planning approach serves as the foundation to structure Lifetime/Aspirational Portfolios.

▪ Allocations are optimized across each asset class: cash, fixed income, global equities, alternatives as well as thematic strategies when appropriate to ensure your portfolio assets are aligned with your core values.

▪ We do not receive commissions on security transactions, nor do we receive compensation from third-party investment companies. We are Fiduciaries – always acting in your best interest

PORTFOLIO STRATEGY – Customized Hybrid Solutions

Asset Management:
▪ Investment Policy Statement Design
▪ Asset Allocation Design & Implementation
▪ Manager Selection & Oversight
▪ Portfolio Rebalancing
▪ Tax Aware Portfolio Construction & Management
▪ Performance Analysis & Reporting
▪ Independent Custodial Services

Alternative Investments:
▪ Private & Venture Capital
▪ Real Estate
▪ Private Lending

Impact Investing:
▪ Inclusion/ Exclusion


Financial freedom starts with a solid goals-based plan. A detailed assessment of your needs and circumstances drives customized planning solutions designed to move you toward your goals. From lifestyle funding and cash flow analysis to risk management and asset protection, each plan is tailored to your unique financial circumstances. As the economic landscape shifts and your needs evolve or change, we refine your plan to ensure your goals and investment strategy remain aligned.

▪ Goals–Centric Discovery
▪ Financial Statement Development
▪ Balance Sheet Analysis Discovery
▪ Cash Flow Planning
▪ Debt Analysis
▪ Retirement Planning
▪ Tax Planning
▪ Wills & Lifetime Document Review
▪ Charitable Gifting
▪ Social Security Planning

LEGACY– Plan to Protect & Preserve

We work closely and coordinate with chosen legal counsel to provide recommendations for asset protection, including medical and creditor protections, pre-liquidity transactions, legacy planning review, trust reformation planning, and advising on private foundations.

We help summarize existing estate planning documents and collaborate with your private legal counsel to review your estate plan and advise on life-changing events such as business transactions, sudden wealth, marriage, divorce or death.


Imagine a world where the accounting and tax management of your assets is easy to access and is well coordinated with your investment and estate plan. At ONE Family we provide:

▪ Personal financial statements, cash flow reports and bill pay services ensures that your financial world is being managed similar to a successful business.

▪ Tax saving strategies to assist with selling a business, a recently sold business, or planning your next endeavor.

▪ Tax analysis that includes reviewing filed tax returns, assisting your tax preparer on future returns, evaluating tax loss harvesting and charitable donation planning.

▪ An overall team approach working with your tax professionals to coordinate strategies designed to minimize your taxes.


Many of the families we worked with have acquired significant wealth from their real estate holdings. Our goal is to help turn complex issues into opportunities for growth by providing strategic planning, including:

Market studies
▪ Evaluating large and diverse portfolios
▪ Tax analysis of real estate holdings
▪ Private Equity Real Estate Funds
▪ 1031 Exchange investment opportunities
▪ Opportunity Zone investments

FAMILY GOVERNANCE & PHILANTHROPY – Leaving the Legacy You Desire

We work with our clients and their children through governance and education to address the topic of wealth and its impact on family life, values, culture, and happiness. Our goal is to help optimize your family's wealth decisions, especially during uncertain and disruptive times.

PRIVATE BANKING – Going Beyond Wealth Management

Lending strategies and access to capital can play an integral role in managing your overall wealth. Our team will coordinate day-to-day portfolio administration for cash management, private banking, lending services, and credit consulting. With access to corporate trustee services, where appropriate, we help oversee the administration of your trust(s) for the benefit of your family and future generations by balancing the role of independent trustee with optimum family involvement to help identify the optimal investment, tax and distribution decisions.

REPORTING & CUSTODY– Clarity, Transparency, Security

Using real-time dashboards, unified platforms and innovative reporting tools, we provide timely execution and data-driven clarity on portfolio performance, metrics, benchmarking and asset allocation. Your entire financial picture in one place. Your assets, even those we may not manage, are in one single view making it easier to track your wealth plan. All assets are custodied at one of the premier independent custodians to ensure maximum protection.