Our Mission

Our Private Client Group is our flagship business dating back to our inception in 2001. Focused on individuals/families, our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their investment objectives with the least risk possible. Inherent in that is a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets that have accumulated, and provide a level of comfort with their investments in the capital markets. Ultimately, our goal is to provide peace of mind in guiding our clients to make the best decisions, especially when their emotions may be persuading them to do otherwise.

Services & Capabilities

Investment Management

▪ Customized, tax-efficient portfolios are designed aligned with your unique investment plan to achieve your investment and legacy goals.

▪ Our goals-based planning approach serves as the foundation to structure Lifetime/Aspirational Portfolios.

▪ Allocations are optimized across each asset class: cash, fixed income, global equities, alternatives as well as thematic strategies when appropriate to ensure your portfolio assets are aligned with your core values.

▪ We do not receive commissions on security transactions, nor do we receive compensation from third-party investment companies. We are Fiduciaries – always acting in your best interest

Proprietary Wealth Forecasting

Financial freedom starts with a solid goals-based plan. A detailed assessment of your needs and circumstances drives customized planning solutions designed to move you toward your goals. From lifestyle funding and cash flow analysis to risk management and asset protection, each plan is tailored to your unique financial circumstances. As the economic landscape shifts and your needs evolve or change, we refine your plan to ensure your goals and investment strategy remain aligned.

▪ Goals–Centric Discovery
▪ Financial Statement Development
▪ Balance Sheet Analysis Discovery
▪ Cash Flow Planning
▪ Debt Analysis
▪ Retirement Planning
▪ Tax Planning
▪ Wills & Lifetime Document Review
▪ Charitable Gifting
▪ Social Security Planning

Tax-Wise Investing

Our investment process seeks to maximize after-tax return of client portfolios for a given risk tolerance. We utilize tax-loss harvesting by monitoring unrealized capital gains and losses in client portfolios. When investment exposures can be maintained and wash-sale rules respected, we trade these to realize “tax-loss” assets and offset taxable gains within client portfolios. We also custom-manage concentrated stock holdings that may have very low cost basis in order to balance the goals of diversification with those of minimizing taxable capital gains. We manage taxable and non-taxable investment accounts that include government, corporate and municipal bond-holdings that are appropriate to each account type and that maximize after-tax returns for each client.


Investment portfolios include stocks and bonds that fluctuate in value. We utilize systematic rebalancing to maintain client asset allocations over time. This process adds value over long-periods of time by accumulating stocks that have fallen in price relative to bonds, or vice versa. In this way, portfolio risk profiles are maintained and risk-adjusted returns are enhanced in the pursuit of client investment objectives.

Risk Management

We focus on managing risk within client portfolios by focusing on diversification. The firm diversifies stock holdings in investment portfolios across multiple factors including geography, sector, growth/value and company size. Bond holdings are managed within duration and credit exposure limits while maintaining diversification across issuer, industry and geography exposures. Our approach to diversification maximizes risk-adjusted return and protects client portfolios from concentrated risk and/or poor performance of any one company, sector or associated subgroup of investments.

Reporting & Custody of Assets

Using real-time dashboards, unified platforms and innovative reporting tools, we provide timely execution and data-driven clarity on portfolio performance, metrics, benchmarking and asset allocation. Your entire financial picture in one place. Your assets, even those we may not manage, are in one single view making it easier to track your wealth plan. All assets are custodied at one of the premier independent custodians to ensure maximum protection.